An Insider Guide to Resume Writing – 5 Success Secrets

The common advice in most articles about how to write the best resume tells you are “Don’t tell all”. Here, we are going to tell you that right up front. Do not tell everything there is to tell about yourself on your resume. Why?

Well first of all, on average, most recruiters are only going to take approximately 6 seconds to scan your resume and either put it in the “not happening” stack or the “possibility” stack. So you’ve wasted a lot of valuable paper on things that are not going to be read. Second of all, your resume goal is to peak the recruiters interest enough so that they want to know more about you and schedule an interview.

So, what should go on a resume? Well it depends on what career you’re going for. Assume right away that the competition is tough. So to beat the odds, you want your resume to be flawless and get pass that first 6 seconds glance of the recruiters.

Today, you can just “write a resume” and expect it to work. You need to craft a resume that impresses the recruiter and scores you an interview. However, you can’t just have a basic template that you send to every job opening in your career choice. You need to tailor your resume to the company and the position you’re shooting for.

Think of your CV as marketing material. It is the introduction to selling a product and you are the product. Therefore, the information within your CV needs to reflect what you have to offer to this potential employer. As such, your CV will vary depending on the industry your career is centered upon.

Your Identity!
In bold or all caps, your name should be at the top. Your complete address, email address and Skype ID. More than one phone number if possible, even if one is just a place to leave a message for you. If you have a direct objective that this job will serve in your career, state that. Keep in mind though; a specific objective could pigeon-hole your career. Your CV is your 30 seconds period to give your pitch.

Research and Study
To start creating that CV with a WOW factor, begin by researching and studying the company by reviewing their web site. Look for repeated words and phrases which will give you a hint to the company’s philosophical approach to the industry. Your CV should mirror that language. Research the current industry news and check out the resume writing services on

Make It Long Enough, But Not Too Long
For the experienced person, this can be challenging. However, for the person just starting out, you have plenty of paper real estate. Create your own, unique CV template. The format you create needs to be industry appropriate and remember less is more. White space will draw the reader’s attention to the printed word. Space out the important facts and make them stand out with bold font, bullet points and italics.