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Here at Top Job Hunting, we see a lot of candidates come through our system. We talk to a lot of frustrated job hunters who are on their one last nerve, and really needing that “big break” in their careers to get their lives moving forward again.

John embodies a lot of characteristics we’ve seen in the majority of those we’ve worked with.

John was your average, normal nice guy job hunter. He had had a successful career, with the downturn in the economy, he, like so many others was laid off and unprepared to have to hunt for as long as he had been hunting.

By the time he arrived at our site, he’d already been looking for six months. He was tired, frustrated and at a loss of what more he could do.

Our TJH coaches have been in John’s shoes. We get it: job hunting is hard, and can be a terribly lonely experience. So when we matched John up with his coach, we knew John was going to get not only the help he needed be the reassurance that yes, he could succeed again.

John’s coach talked with him, evaluated his resume and reviewed everything he’d already been doing. And John had been doing a lot of good things – but he hadn’t been doing the right things and not all of them consistently. And doing the right things, consistently, can make all the difference in the world during your job hunt.

John’s resume was solid – but didn’t highlight what employers were looking for, nor did it demonstrate accomplishments.

When we looked at John’s profile, it was ok – but missing a lot of information. He didn’t have a photo, and only reflected his last few jobs – when he had in reality been working for 15 years!

John’s family knew of his situation certainly. But he had never contacted people in his network to explain he was looking for work and to directly ask for specific help from them, such as “I see you are connected on Linked In to XYZ’s sales manager. Would you mind introducing us? Or could I use your name to make a contact with him?”

John hadn’t even spoken with recruiters. He had always associated recruiters as “head hunters,” something only “big wigs” used if you were looking to get the CEO job. He didn’t understand their role in the marketplace, nor how to even approach them.

And when he did get a call back, John wasn’t sure of how to prepare for the job interview beyond what he had always done since college: show up in a nice suit, on time, and be ready to answer some questions. He wasn’t sure that he was making a long lasting impression with those he interviewed with.

John isn’t unusual. He’s like most people. He might even be like you or someone you know. And while he might not have been doing anything ‘really wrong’ in his job hunt, he wasn’t doing enough of all the right things to really be successful.

And that’s where a career coach can really help.

For example, our Program Managers worked with John, got his resume polished to reflect not just his career goals but also to emphasize a lot of the accomplishments he had forgotten or hadn’t thought about including at all. We helped him expand and optimize his LinkedIn page to include his whole history, which nicely complemented his resume, and made sure it was key-word rich with the right terms employers were using.

We spent time making sure he was prepared to go into interviews to shine, leaving a lasting impression that set the standard all the other candidates were measured by.

Within a month, John started getting call backs for interviews and landed two job offers. And while that might sound amazing – it’s really not all that uncommon. We see it happen all the time: great people who simply just need some extra help to be beyond ‘great’ in order to get the next top job!

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