6 Steps to Project the Image You Want to

Attitude Matters

You can have the right suit, perfectly coiffed hair, impeccably manicured nails and THE briefcase or portfolio. Your resume can sparkle and you can have the who’s who as references. But if your attitude oozes resentment or bitterness or anger during the interview, you can kiss your dream job goodbye.

While everyone seems to talk these days about positive attitudes and visualizing for success, it’s a lot harder when you’ve been kicked in the teeth from a layoff or firing.

So how do you ensure the image you want others to perceive is as positive as possible? Try these steps:

  1. Just simply being aware of the possibility of negativity is a huge first step. Stay aware of how your voice or body language reflects stress.
  2. Find a sounding board. Find someone you can trust – a coach, a confidant, a therapist… even just a friend can help you check your attitude and help get it back into alignment with your goals.
  3. Find a healthy stress relief. For some it may be exercise. For others it might be something more recreational like gardening. Or for others it might be something more reflective like yoga. The relief will help you in your job hunt.
  4. Create a strategy: what you want to get accomplished each week in your job hunt. Having metrics can make you feel confident you are doing all you can to succeed.
  5. Find a way to safely air your grievances about your layoff: whether it’s through a support group, a good friend or even by writing down your frustrations (needless to say- never mail this).
  6. Count your blessings: make a list of all you have going for you in your job hunt. Whether it’s a degree from an enviable university, a robust LinkedIn network, or language skills; inventory the assets you have. Ask others to contribute to your list if need be (you never know – they may have different skills they’ve observed in you).

Job hunting isn’t going to be easy- but if you can take these steps, you’ll find it easier than haphazardly trying to stumble on a job.
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