Tapping the Hidden Job Market

Smart uses of technology in your job search are one way we help job seekers tap into the hidden job market. The program itself consists of 10 clearly defined steps.

Discover fresh, unpublished positions and reach potential employers directly – on time! Let us make your life easier with a systematic scan, search, and match program that delivers job leads you seek. We’ll also help you get in touch with hiring managers relevant to your job search!

We search for your perfect job and distribute your resume. Utilizing the latest job search techniques, we help you find where the open jobs are-even in the hidden job market-and get your resume in front of the right decision makers. Our specific services include:

8. Help Finding the Right Recruiting Firm

You get the experts specializing on your unique needs.
There are more than 20,000 recruiting firms and more than 150,000 recruiters in the US. The trick is to find the relevant ones specializing in your industry, position, or location.
Using these dimensions, our experienced team will focus on your career profile and goals to provide you a list of the BEST 25 firms. And they will also make sure that these top recruiting firms are actively looking for candidates just like you.