Personal Branding for Job Seekers

A focused and effective resume, highlighting your accomplishments – is your way in. We’ll deliver that.
Then the finishing touches: we’ll keyword optimize your LinkedIn profile to pop-up on searches – positioning you in a way that gets recruiters and hiring managers to easily find and contact you!

Generate interest and draw the HRs in. Personal branding for job seekers is one core area of focus in our “one stop shop” job hunt program.

We get to know you and create a custom Marketing Plan just for you. We help you stand out from the crowd by identifying and promoting your unique strengths and value to potential employers. We personally put your brand to work for you through:

1. Hand-tailored Resume Writing

We do the writing and format your resume for you.
A focused and effective resume is your way in. Recruiters spend only moments on a resume, so you want them to get the key points about you quickly and easily. Skilled, specialized “live” writers will highlight your past accomplishments in the most relevant setting for each job, following an interactive discussion.

Our experts understand your industry. They’ll create multiple versions of your resume based on the types of jobs you’re seeking, using strong, active words and key phrases that are sure to grab the recruiter’s attention. Then the finishing touches: we’ll format your resume in a visually inviting way so that it successfully presents who you are and draws the reader in, generating interest in learning more about you.

You’ll see results in days, and enhance your chance of getting an interview.